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Winter 2015 - Superstar

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YOUR MONTHLY GIFT SUPPORTS THE FADER TWINS ALONG THEIR JOURNEY Kendra and Kinsey Fader (above) are seven-year-old twins with "celebrity" status at the IWK Health Centre – and not just because they are our IWK Superstar ambassadors for monthly donors! The girls receive care in almost every department and will continue to visit the IWK for most of their childhood. The twins were born extremely prematurely – Kinsey weighed one pound eight ounces and Kendra was two pounds - and spent the first years of their lives almost exclusively at the IWK. While they are both doing well they've each faced difficult journeys. Kinsey has been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, epilepsy, Tourette's syndrome and Developmental Coordination Disorder, most likely due to her prematurity. Despite these and other challenges Kinsey is smart, empathetic and a fun-loving little girl. Kendra struggles with reflux, trouble swallowing and aversions to food and may again require a feeding tube like the one she had as a baby. She also experiences stridor (high- pitched breathing) when she sleeps at night and is therefore attending the IWK's ear nose and throat clinic and its sleep clinic. However like her sister, Kendra's medical needs don't dampen her zest for life. "They are happy, love to laugh and really are best friends," says their mom, Laura. "They both love school and have a real hunger to learn. Kinsey loves working on science experiments with her chemistry sets and using the iPad and Kendra loves crafts, board games and rainbow loom. The girls really enjoy musical theatre classes and Brownies." As monthly donors, you are supporting kids like Kendra and Kinsey during each stage in their lives. They have benefitted from numerous donor-led initiatives such as research and from the purchase of life-saving equipment in the Ron Joyce Operating Suite (between them the duo has had 18 surgeries to date), recovery areas and more. Your contribution helps ensure the IWK can meet its most urgent needs in a timely manner, and more importantly, it means patients like Kinsey and Kendra will be able to return home sooner. Thank you for your ongoing support – it really means the world to IWK families like the Faders. Excellence is in your hands. iwkfoundation.org A NEWSLETTER FOR IWK SUPERSTARS: OUR ONGOING MONTHLY DONORS | WINTER 2015

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