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Donor dollars are helping to redevelop the PICU — by 2020 we will have world-class critical care facilities right here at home. 1.800.595.2266 | iwkfoundation.org TOGETHER, WITH YOU Welcome to the IWK Foundation 2018 THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING TO BE PART OF THE IWK FAMILY Donor support throughout the IWK has positively impacted the lives of countless women, children and youth like Jayda. In March 2017, Jayda—an athletic and active eleven-year-old—became ill with a fever and started vomiting. The next day when she began wheezing, Jayda's parents, Lisa and Brent, rushed her to the IWK emergency department. Immediately, care teams took Jayda to a triage room where she was given an oxygen mask. Unsure as to what was causing her oxygen levels to be so low, doctors admitted Jayda to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) where she was put on Ventolin, a medicine administered through a mask, to help with her breathing and shortness of breath. Jayda remained in PICU for three days before she was able to breathe unassisted and go home. After determining Jayda had asthma, she was given a puffer to assist her breathing when needed. " We would like to thank all the donors who contributed to the IWK. Your support is truly appreciated," says mom, Lisa. All went well for Jayda through the spring and summer, and she happily resumed her active lifestyle. However, in late September she had another severe asthma attack and was once again admitted to PICU. She spent three days in PICU until her breathing stabilized followed by another three days as an inpatient before she was well enough to go home. Jayda's care teams have given her puffers to use daily to control her asthma, and she has resumed her regular activities like soccer and volleyball. However she must avoid triggering events, like sprinting. If she is doing a lot of running, she must take her puffer first to prevent an asthma attack. Jayda's family is extremely grateful for the critical care support their daughter received in PICU. She has directly felt the incredible impact of your donor dollars at the IWK.

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